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WBI performs contract research for commercial customers. We provide custom device design and fabrication services with design control and history files, and we also offer engineering consulting services. The company's success in competitive, federally funded research and development programs is a testament to the organized, systematic way in which the company approaches problem solving. The company has received in excess of $15 million in support of its R&D from government sources to date. We have been able to develop a broad spectrum of devices and systems on the basis of the core medical device and material technologies which the company has acquired in those programs. 

When innovative thinking is required, our group brings a team of highly trained individuals to bear on the problem to find workable solutions. We welcome challenges, and by virtue of our modest size and efficient corporate structure, are able to provide solutions with rapid delivery times.


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Blow molded blood pump housing 

Compression molded silicone catheter

Injection mold for blood pump bladder

Pneumatic pump driver

Rotational casting of elastomeric components