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Whalen Biomedical Incorporated (WBI) is a Massachusetts research and development (R&D) corporation founded in August, 1984. The company operates under the name Whalen Biomedical Laboratories. It has offices in Lexington, MA, and laboratories in South Boston, MA.

The company is involved with R&D in the areas of medical devices and materials, with an emphasis on devices for cardiovascular, orthopedic, and urologic applications. It is also developing timed drug release systems for a variety of medical applications.


The company has largely relied on grants and contracts from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense to fund its R&D activities. To date the company has received over $15 million dollars in competitive awards from those agencies in support of its R&D. The company also conducts sponsored research for commercial customers, offers custom device fabrication services, and provides engineering consulting services to other medical device companies.


WBI has a portfolio of 7 U.S. patents protecting its proprietary technology. While the company is not currently involved in manufacturing, it has a wholly owned subsidiary, Cambridge Cardiovascular Incorporated, which is chartered as a manufacturing company in Massachusetts.


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