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Manufacturing Efficiency

Custom elastomeric and rigid components are fabricated by compression molding, injection blow molding, reaction injection molding, and rotational casting. Shown below is a blood pump intended for providing short term cardiac support manufactured using several of these techniques. WBI has pioneered design for manufacturing (DFM) methods so that devices such as this are economically produced.

Blood and Tissue Compatible Surfaces

Unique surfaces have been developed to provide blood and tissue compatibility for medical implants. These consist of microporous textured surfaces. In contact with blood, a biologic lining forms on the surface so that the interface of a synthetic material with blood is eliminated. This significantly reduces the risk of blood clots which can cause strokes. When used on the exterior of medical implants, these surfaces promote the attachment of adjacent tissue to the implant, reducing scar tissue formation and the possibility of infection. A scanning electron micrograph (1,000X) of the textured blood contacting surface appears below.

Specialized Materials

Custom elastomers are also compounded in WBI laboratories for a variety of devices. Close control of the physical and chemical properties of these materials is assured. A drug loaded silicone rubber material is being prepared below using a mill designed to uniformly mix the constituents.

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